Preguntas más frecuentes

1. What material are the hangers made from?

They are made from black acrylic, available in matte or gloss finish (depending on design).

2. Do they come in other colours?

At present, they are made in black.

3. What are their dimensions?

400mm length, 95mm height (single) and 140mm height (double), 6mm thick

4. How are the hangers hung on the wall?

a. Wall spacers to fit in behind the hanger are provided in order for your hanger to sit off the wall and allow ribbons/medals to slide on. b. Screw sets can be purchased which include black screws and wall plugs.

5. How many medals will my hanger hold?

The single hanger will safely hold up to 14 medals and 24 for the double. For the Equestrian Ribbon Hanger it will depend on the type of ribbon hung and also the width of each ribbon.

6. How long will my order take to arrive?

Within NZ: Normally 3-5 working days for local and South Island purchases, and within North Island 5-7 days. Due to disruptions caused by COVID restrictions, please expect some courier delays. Australia: We can ship to Australia and the estimated shipping cost for tracked postage is NZD $17.01 by NZ Post. Please note that this is the estimated cost by NZ Post until the parcel is picked up ready for dispatch. It may cost a bit more, which you will be charged/invoiced after the sale. Estimated time for this service is up to 10 working days however under COVID conditions NZ Post estimate delivery times to be pushed out by up to a further 10 days.

7. Can we make custom make a medal hanger?

Yes we can but extra costs will be incurred.